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What a Mess!

2012-03-04 16:03:06 by CornixEtCorax

Another, final name-change!

New name is "Lunacore". I am sorry for this mess!


2012-03-03 01:45:04 by CornixEtCorax

I am sorry about my non-activity the last months, got much todo >_>
But now I am back and will frequently upload music and Arts.


2011-02-17 18:53:52 by CornixEtCorax


I am authorized!

So yeah I am a Solo Musician who works with FL Studio!

I am composing Classic songs the most. (sometimes other genres)

So yeah... I hope I will have a good time here! ^_^

Audio Upload

2011-02-04 21:50:24 by CornixEtCorax


I am new!

I submitted two Songs, but they have to be approved, so be patient please :)